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Accounting office – Lublin

Welcome to our remote accounting office serving entrepreneurs from all over Poland, including: Lublin. The Open Profit offer is addressed to micro and small entrepreneurs who care about the convenience of... online accounting. Lublin is the city where you run your business? Take advantage of the support of experienced Open Profit specialists who will take care of your accounting and help you with the legal and tax aspects of running a business. Cooperation with us at 100% takes place remotely, so you can use our services from anywhere with Internet access. If that's what you're looking for in Lublin, is remote accounting office – Open Profit is the answer to the needs of a modern entrepreneur!

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Tax office in Lublin – why Open Profit?

Remote accounting services in Lublin it saves time and resources, electronic exchange of documents and contact via e-mail, telephone or Microsoft Teams. By deciding to cooperate with Open Profit tax office, you can benefit from the experience of our specialists regardless of where you run your business. Each entrepreneur also receives the support of a Guardian who is responsible for accounting and recommendations. With us you can be sure that your company's finances are in good hands! Check out the greatest advantages of working with a remote accounting office.

High quality of services

We provide a comprehensive offer and a team of qualified advisors who have many years of experience in... accounting services. Lublin is this the headquarters of your company? After signing the contract, we will assign you an individual Account Manager who will manage the company's accounting and offer tailored tax recommendations. At every stage of cooperation, you can ask us questions and stay up to date with changes in tax law.

Secure online accounting

We have a policy for over PLN 1,000,000. We provide a high level of service and ensure the satisfaction and safety of each client. We do not cooperate with external accountants who, in the event of problems, are responsible for their actions independently of our company - each specialist belongs to the Open Profit team, therefore we are responsible for the actions of our accountants.

Save time and access 24/7

Our accounting office in Lublin provides access to company accounting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere with Internet access. You can handle any accounting matter remotely, without having to travel to our office. We provide electronic circulation of documents, which can be simply scanned and sent to the Guardian via the convenient Dropbox application.

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Lublin, accounting office – Open Profit offer

We offer comprehensive services for micro and small enterprises from all over Poland, including: Lublin. Open Profit accounting office serves companies operating in various industries - before signing the contract, we will invite you to a short online meeting during which:

    • we will ask about your expectations,

    • we will tell you about our cooperation model,

    • we will offer a range of services tailored to the needs of your business.

We are open to cooperation with both experienced entrepreneurs and people who are just planning to start a business in Lublin and want to know more about it online accounting.

We will help you register your company in Lublin

We offer a unique offer to people who are just planning to start a business, which is comprehensive support during company registration in Lublin. Not only will we help you choose the best form of business and taxation, but we will also guide you through the online registration process and verify your application. Finally, we will present an offer of accounting services tailored to the needs of your new company.

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We will take care of HR and payroll services

When it comes to staff and payroll, the Open Profit accounting office supports entrepreneurs from Lublin in conducting business related to employing employees. Our offer includes recommendations when choosing a form of employment, calculating remuneration, preparing payrolls and ready-made contract templates, as well as maintaining electronic personal files. We also send PIT and ZUS declarations and represent clients before administrative authorities.

We will provide comprehensive accounting services in Lublin

We serve micro and small enterprises that conduct simplified or accounting books in Lublin. After signing the contract, we will introduce you to a dedicated Account Manager who will keep your company's accounting throughout the entire period of cooperation. You add all invoices needed for settlements to the Dropbox account provided by us, so the document flow is fully electronic. Every month, the Guardian settles your company and sends you information on the amount of taxes and ZUS contributions. Within accounting services We also send declarations and settle personal income tax returns online.

We will help you with issues related to running your business

Open Profit provides not only accounting, HR and payroll services, but also reliable support in running a business. we offer legal and tax recommendations for both beginners and more experienced entrepreneurs. Each Client can benefit from ongoing support from their Account Manager, as well as recommendations in the field of accounting and taxes.

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Contact and cooperation – Open Profit tax office

What distinguishes our company from competing entities is primarily:

    • in 100% remote accounting and HR and payroll services,

    • remote legal and tax recommendations,

    • remote assistance in company registration,

    • a dedicated Account Manager responsible for contact with the Client throughout the entire period of cooperation,

    • focusing on serving micro and small enterprises from all over Poland, including Lublin,

    • a convenient form of sending documents – via a Dropbox account, without accounting software,

    • team of internal accountants – we do not cooperate with external accountants,

    • high security of cooperation, including an insurance policy for over one million zlotys.

Would you like to learn more about our cooperation model? contact us and arrange a no-obligation online meeting. We will get to know your needs and present a detailed cooperation offer. Open Profit tax office has everything a modern entrepreneur needs Lublin!