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Accounting office – Warsaw

Welcome to our remote accounting office, operating throughout the country - including Warsaw. We are experts in the field of accounting and offer comprehensive services for micro and small enterprises. Our online accounting in Warsaw is a guarantee of reliability, professionalism and financial security of your company. Over 1,500 companies already use the services of our online accounting office, and our accounting experts have successfully guided entrepreneurs through over 600 inspections. If you are interested in convenient and easy accounting in Warsaw, please contact us!

Accounting Warsaw

Full accounting in Warsaw - online accounting office Open Profit

Specialists from Open Profit combine many years of experience with modern solutions and use the best accounting programs on the market that support us in settlement processes.

We offer full accounting, from keeping accounting books, through accounting consulting, to the preparation of financial statements. Our accounting services in Warsaw are always tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Keeping accounting books in Warsaw

Our team of specialists ensures accurate and timely accounting. Thanks to Open Profit services, managing your company's finances will become much easier. The full commitment of our accounting office is the basis on which we build our professionalism - appreciated by new and regular clients. We approach each case individually, and each entrepreneur has his own guardian with whom he establishes long-term cooperation. Thanks to this, our clients who choose online accounting services from Open Profit can feel safe in entrusting their accounting books to us. Warsaw enterprises appreciate our experienced specialists, but also constant and convenient contact and efficient communication with a constant manager.

Accounting office in Warsaw

Tax office in Warsaw

As a professional accounting company in Warsaw (and beyond), we also offer support in the field of tax settlements. Tax procedures in Poland are often complicated and settlement processes tedious. Therefore, it is worth cooperation with our office. You don't have to worry about settlement with the tax office - our experts will take care of all formalities for you!

Accounting services for companies in Warsaw - safety and professionalism

The services of our accounting office in Warsaw and outside the capital include comprehensive accounting services for companies. We deal with everything from keeping documentation, through tax settlements, keeping a book of income and expenses, HR and payroll duties, to representing the client before offices.

What sets us apart on the market is our focus on long-term cooperation, thanks to which we build relationships with our clients. Not every accountant in Warsaw undertakes long-term cooperation for fear of liability, but at Open Profit we focus on professionalism and safety, which is why we have a business insurance policy for over a million zlotys!

Accounting office Warsaw

Open Profit: online accounting office in Warsaw – convenience and comfort

Our accounting office operates online, so our services can be used by entrepreneurs throughout the country. We serve companies from both larger and smaller towns. Thanks to this, regardless of where you run your business, you can benefit from our experience and knowledge.

Keeping full accounting or registering a company online is your convenience! Minimum formalities and no need to leave your home or company premises allow you to focus on what is most important - the development of your business!

Professional financial reports - accounting Warsaw

We also offer the preparation of financial statements. We ensure that your financial statements will comply with applicable regulations and standards. Correct and meticulous keeping of financial statements is extremely important for an enterprise, because neglecting this issue may lead to problems with the tax office. That is why it is so important that the reports are conducted by professionals.

Accountant Warsaw

Accounting consulting – Warsaw

Thanks to many years of experience, our specialists take care of entrepreneurs in many dimensions - also in terms of consulting in the field of accounting, human resources and payroll, starting a business and many other aspects of running a business. Thanks to this, you can be sure that before making important decisions related to your company, you will learn about the available solutions and their advantages and disadvantages. This knowledge is necessary for conscious business management, and our advisors will be happy to present the available options that will be most beneficial for you.

In terms of consulting, we offer:

  • ongoing help from your guardian,
  • advice on choosing the best legal form to conduct business,
  • advice on choosing the most advantageous form of taxation,
  • consultancy related to the employment of employees,
  • other specialist advice.

Accounting services in Warsaw with Open Profit – why us?

  • Experienced team – our accounting team in Warsaw is composed of qualified professionals with many years of experience in the industry and a true passion for accounting.
  • Technology – we use the latest technological tools, such as an application to subscribe to our services , which guarantees effective and transparent cooperation.
  • Remote services – thanks to the possibility of providing services remotely, we are available to you regardless of your place of residence in Warsaw and other Polish cities.

Accounting office (Warsaw and beyond) – contact us!

If you are looking for a trusted partner to provide accounting services for your business, we are at your disposal. We invite you to contact us and take advantage of our offer of accounting offices in Warsaw and towns throughout the country.

We believe that our online accounting offices are ideal services for everyone who values professionalism, reliability, individual approach to the client and is looking for support at the beginning of their business journey. We invite you to cooperate!