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Accounting office – Toruń

Did you know that you don't have to send paper invoices to an accountant and arrange personal meetings at the accounting office? All you have to do is decide online accounting, which involves providing accounting services remotely in 100%Toruń is one of the cities where the Open Profit tax office operates - we are a team of accounting specialists with many years of experience in serving Polish companies.

Our offer is addressed to micro and small enterprises from Toruń that care about automation of accounting processes, transparent terms of cooperation and time savings. We also provide support for beginner entrepreneurs - from company registration in Toruń to accounting services and HR and payroll services. Our accounting office serves Toruń, surrounding towns and the whole of Poland. Join satisfied Open Profit customers and see that online accounting is everything your company needs!

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Toruń – offer of the Open Profit accounting office

Our remote tax office offers a wide range of services for micro and small enterprises from Toruń and people who plan to start a business. Join us and see that accounting is really easy!

The offer of the Open Profit accounting office consists of four main services:

    • accounting services – for companies keeping accounting in the form of a book of revenues and expenses, a recorded lump sum, a tax card or accounting books,

    • staff and payroll – our accounting office in Toruń also serves companies employing at least one employee,

    • Consulting services – an offer for all companies that need professional legal and tax advice on choosing a form of business, hiring associates, etc.,

    • company registration – for people who are planning to register a company in Toruń but don't know where to start.

Before we sign the contract, we will invite you to a short online meeting, during which we will present our cooperation model and tailor the scope of services to your needs. At this stage, you will also receive a preliminary quote.

Company registration in Toruń – do it correctly!

You don't know what form of business and taxation to choose? Are you afraid that you will fill out the form incorrectly? Do you have an idea for a company, but you have absolutely no knowledge of accounting? Don't worry - with us you can set up a business in Toruń quickly, easily and without stress! Registering a company is not difficult at all, as long as you can count on the support of experienced specialists. And after establishing your business, we can offer you our remote accounting services. Please contact us!

HR and payroll services for companies from Toruń

We serve both sole proprietorships and enterprises with employees that need help with HR and payroll. accounting Office Open Profit serves clients from Toruń, supporting them, among others, in choosing the form of employment of employees, maintaining electronic personal files, preparing payrolls, calculating remuneration, providing ready-made contract templates and sending ZUS and PIT declarations.

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Small and full accounting - accounting services in Toruń

Our accounting services are addressed to entrepreneurs from Toruń who conduct small or full accounting, including: accounting books. We will not only settle your invoices, but also keep all required records, contact administrative authorities on your behalf and offer you advisory services. With us you can be sure that your accounting is in good hands!

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Online accounting in Toruń – why is it worth it?

A remote accounting office is the answer to the contemporary needs of entrepreneurs from Toruń. With us, you can make the most of the development of new technologies and permanently abandon the traditional way of keeping accounting. The package includes more time for running your business, the opportunity to cooperate with the best accountants (not necessarily from Toruń) and constant access to your accounting from anywhere with Internet access.

The Open Profit tax office is primarily:

    • a wide range of services: accounting, human resources and payroll, legal and tax consulting, assistance in registering a company in Toruń,

    • in 100% remote contact – by phone, e-mail or via Microsoft Teams,

    • support of an individual Customer Advisor throughout the entire period of cooperation,

    • high quality of services,

    • servicing micro and small enterprises from Toruń,

    • trusted team of internal accountants,

    • insurance for over PLN 1,000,000 and liability for any errors.

Online accounting services are convenient and time-saving

Are you wondering how we will contact you? In fact, you decide whether we will call, write or talk to each other via Microsoft Teams. In turn, document exchange takes place via the convenient and easy-to-use Dropbox application. We will not provide you with accounting software - just send us scanned invoices and we will handle the settlements and send you information on monthly fees to ZUS and the tax office.

Support from experienced specialists

Many entrepreneurs from Toruń are afraid that a remote accounting office cooperates with random accountants. Open Profit doesn't work like this: we carefully verify the skills and qualifications of our specialists, and we do not cooperate with external accountants, but we create our own team of trusted experts. When you start cooperation with our accounting office in Toruń, you also receive the support of a dedicated Account Manager, whom you can contact if you have any questions.

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Tax office, Toruń – start cooperation with Open Profit

Are you looking for a partner for long-term accounting cooperation? Take advantage of the Open Profit offer - our tax office serves clients from Toruń and many other Polish cities, ensuring that every entrepreneur feels safe with us. contact us and choose the date of the online meeting, during which we will say hello, answer questions and select appropriate services from our offer. The Open Profit tax office is reliable online accounting for modern entrepreneurs from Toruń!