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Accounting services

Reliable company accounting is not only the registration of documents, preparation of declarations and reports for offices, it is also the best source of information on the current condition of the company.

Our professionalism is evidenced by the fact that hundreds of customers have already trusted us. We invite you to take advantage of our offer of accounting services in one of the following forms:

Online accounting services
  • revenue and expense ledger (flat tax and general rules)

  • registered lump sum

  • tax card

  • full accountancy

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who must keep full accounting?

    Accounting books, i.e. the so-called full accounting, are obliged to keep all limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, limited partnerships and limited joint-stock partnerships, as well as other entrepreneurs after reaching EUR 2 million of net revenue. You can also keep accounting books if you are not obliged to do so, but you want full control over your company expenses and costs. Remote accounting at Open Profit includes keeping accounting books and other records - depending on the form of business and taxation.

  • What accounting records do you keep?

    Online accounting includes a full range of services. We serve small companies, B2B people and sole proprietors. Accounting documents depend, among others, on: depending on the chosen form of activity and taxation - we keep a book of revenues and expenses (for clients taxed on general principles or with a flat tax), records of revenues (on a lump sum basis) and full accounting (accounting books). We also serve entrepreneurs who settle their taxes using a tax card.

  • Can I change the form of taxation?

    Yes. If, for example, you settle your taxes according to general rules and you want to change the form of taxation to a flat tax, you can do so under certain conditions. Firstly, another form of taxation must be available for your business - our online accountant will check it for you. Secondly, the form of taxation can only be changed by the 20th day of the month following the month in which the first income was achieved in a given tax year (usually February 20). Changes to CEIDG can be made online on the website biznes.gov.pl.

  • Can a new company choose a tax card?

    NO. From 2022, only taxpayers who continue to tax in this form and used the tax card before 2022 can use the tax card. Entrepreneurs who are starting a business or want to change the form of taxation cannot use a tax card.

  • Do you provide accounting for online stores?

    Yes. At Open Profit, online accounting services are also available for the e-commerce industry. We conduct accounting for an online store in a convenient way - you can complete all formalities online. Your only responsibility is to issue invoices, and your online accountant will take care of the rest.

What form do online accounting services take?

Online accounting, as well as traditional accounting, takes various forms:

  • Little online accounting. Its forms are the income and expense ledger, tax card and registered lump sum - and in Open Profit we handle them all. We will adapt simplified online accounting to the form of running a business and taxation. If you are just setting up a business, we will help you make the right decision - sole proprietors usually decide on the KPiR (flat tax or general tax).

Online accounting services


Independent online accounting


  • Full online accounting. The price list for full online accounting is slightly higher, because the process is more complicated. Some entities are required to keep full accounting, but it is worth thinking about it in terms of the amount and quality of information about the company's condition that it provides. Full accounting (2023) is required for entities that for 2022 reached the net revenue limit of PLN 9,654,400 from the sale of goods or products and financial operations.
  • Online accounting consultation. The online accounting office usually also conducts advisory activities, provides assistance in the matter of the amount of social security contributions and tax settlements or the implementation of decisions of the tax office. At Open Profit, we also support in choosing the form of activity and taxation, as well as in registering a company. We provide opinions on civil law contracts and deal with HR and payroll matters of our clients.

How does online accounting work?

  1. contact us. In the first step, we will arrange a short online meeting during which we will clarify your needs. We will send you information about our model of cooperation and the price list of services applicable to the selected form of business.
  2. Sign the contract electronically or buy a subscription on the website https://uslugi.openprofit.pl/zamowienie/. Next, you will receive instructions from us on granting us powers of attorney - UPL 1 (you can fill them out on the website: https://www.biznes.gov.pl/pl/opisy-procedur/-/proc/1425) and ZUS-PEL, which you will sign with a trusted profile or an electronic signature. From now on, we start to represent you and your interests in relations with ZUS and tax offices and submit tax returns on your behalf.
  3. Get to know your Guardian. You meet your Account Manager - an individual accountant who introduces himself to you in an e-mail and provides all the information that is important at the start. This one person keeps your company's accounts throughout the entire period of cooperation, thanks to which he knows your needs and expectations, and can advise on many issues. It is also at your disposal all the time.
  4. You issue invoices and send us documents. You add all the documents needed for billing and servicing your company to the Dropbox account provided by us, quickly and conveniently. So much from you!
  5. We bill your company and send you information about taxes. Your online accountant is responsible for keeping the KPiR or accounting books when you decide on full online accounting, and the VAT register. It calculates the amount of taxes, advance income tax or the amount of social security contributions, and sends you the information by e-mail or SMS. You make transfers from your bank account.
  6. You transfer taxes and contributions - we send declarations. We provide you with a handy app that sends you payment due date reminders - and you don't have to worry about missing anything. You just go into your bank account and make a couple of transfers on a schedule from your accountant. As part of online accounting, we send declarations for you and settle PIT.

Why online accounting with Open Profit?

  • You don't need an accounting program or a specialist. You do not need to have an accounting specialist in your company or to deal with it yourself - losing both time and nerves on complicated formalities such as a uniform control file or declarations. You don't need any accounting system or revenue and expense ledger. You delegate your online accounting in its entirety outside the company.
  • Fast, cheap, convenient from anywhere in the world. Online accounting saves your time: you do not visit us in person. You also don't have to call or write e-mails, you just import documents in your account, and you can do it wherever you are, all you need is the Internet. Compared to hiring a specialist, you will also pay little for accounting services. The price list also adapts to your needs.

Little online accounting

Accounting services price list

  • We provide full accounting services – Your responsibilities are kept to a minimum. You have time, space and peace of mind to run your business, and all accounting data, cash reports and necessary statements are still always at hand. We keep all necessary registers, including VAT and records of fixed assets or vehicle mileage. We also contact the administration authorities.
  • We are responsible for the correctness of your settlements. And you don't worry that you or your employee made a mistake. We have a policy worth over a million zlotys. So if we happen to make a mistake, she will cover the cost of the error. We represent you before administrative authorities and participate in all inspections and proceedings.
  • Tax and legal advice at your fingertips. For over 15 years of bookkeeping and with over 1,500 clients, we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience that we are happy to share. Therefore, we will help you in any matter of taxes and social security contributions, in many legal, formal and administrative matters. You have a reliable business partner in your Supervisor.
  • Possibility of using HR and payroll services. And you will entrust one company not only with accounting, but also with all HR and payroll services for your business. And when deciding on such services, all you have to do is accept transfers with employees' salaries. We will take care of settlements and sending declarations, payrolls and keeping personal files.

Online accounting

What is the difference between online accounting and independent online accounting?


Under the slogan "online accounting" you will find two solutions. The first is a remote accounting office, i.e. services such as those we offer at Open Profit, the second is independent online accounting, i.e. the accounting system in which you will settle. In this case, you will be responsible for the entire process - and its correctness (and not your accountant).

Do you have questions or doubts? We encourage you to contact us and we invite you to cooperate!