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Accounting office – Gdańsk

Gdańsk is the city where you run your business? Welcome to remote Open Profit accounting office, which specializes in accounting, HR and payroll services as well as specialist consulting. We provide online services, thanks to which we are available to customers from all over the country, including: Gdańsk. Our accounting Office serves micro and small enterprises that care about convenience, time savings and constant access to online accounting. Our team consists of qualified specialists who have experience in servicing enterprises. We will help you manage your company in a simple and transparent way

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Gdańsk, accounting office – Open Profit offer

Our offer includes professional services in the field of accounting, human resources, payroll and consulting. We also help beginner entrepreneurs who need support when registering a company. We realize that accounting is one of the most difficult challenges that Polish entrepreneurs struggle with on a daily basis. The good news is that you don't have to hire an accountant or handle the company's financial affairs yourself: Gdańsk is the city where it operates Open Profit accounting office – by starting cooperation with us, you can leave accounting to specialists and focus on running your business.

Professional accounting services – Gdańsk

We deal keeping accounting for micro and small enterprises - regardless of the chosen form of taxation. Our specialists can keep a Book of Income and Expenditures, a tax card, records of income taxed at a lump sum or accounting books. Gdańsk is one of the cities where you can take advantage of our offer - Open Profit services do not require the use of a specialized program, and you provide us with documents via the Dropbox application.

HR and payroll – accounting office in Gdańsk

What you are looking for is remote tax office in Gdańsk? Open Profit is the best choice! we offer HR and payroll services micro and small enterprises - from companies employing one employee to temporary employment agencies. When it comes to HR and payroll, accounting office in Gdańsk deals with, among others:

    • advice on choosing the form of employee employment,

    • providing ready-made contract templates,

    • calculating remuneration,

    • preparing payrolls,

    • maintaining electronic personal files,

    • sending PIT declarations,

    • sending ZUS declarations.

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Company registration in Gdańsk

Do you want to start a company but don't know how to do it? Company registration in Gdańsk It is not difficult at all if you have the support of an experienced specialist who will advise you which form of business and form of taxation to choose. We will answer your questions related to setting up a company, help you register your business, verify the correctness of the entry and report the company to ZUS. You can also entrust us online accounting your company registered in Gdańsk.

Legal and tax advice for companies from Gdańsk

We know that accounting is a complicated field, that's why we provide Consulting services in terms of setting up a company, hiring employees or tax changes. Each client can ask questions to his dedicated Advisor, who also reviews civil law contracts and represents the entrepreneur before the tax office and ZUS.

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Online accounting in Gdańsk – why us?

Are you wondering what makes our company stand out from the competition? First of all, the simplicity and transparency of the services we offer. Thanks to the fact that we operate remotely in 100%, you do not have to waste time commuting to the headquarters accounting office or arranging meetings. Open Profit is a response to the needs of modern entrepreneurs Gdańskwho do not want to spend hours working on financial documents and want to focus on running their business. What do you gain by choosing ours? accounting services in Gdańsk?

  • Support from experienced specialists. We have been operating since 2005, and so far over 1,500 entrepreneurs have benefited from our support. Our team consists of over 40 qualified specialists - we do not employ external accountants.

    • Dedicated Guardian. When you start cooperation with Open Profit, you receive the support of a dedicated Account Manager who will deal with your company's accounting and provide advisory services. You contact the Supervisor remotely, by phone or e-mail, without having to travel to the office.

    • Remote accounting services. We operate remotely at 100%, so you have access to your accounting at all times, from any device. We grant each client access to the company's Dropbox account and the application.

    • Security. We have a policy for over one million zlotys, and by cooperating with us, you give us your tax and fiscal responsibility. We participate in tax audits and proceedings and pay for any errors. Online accounting in Gdańsk is a guarantee of security for your company!

    • Saves time. You don't have to deliver the documents to us in person and waste time commuting, because everything is done remotely. This way you save time that you can spend on developing your business in Gdańsk.

Accounting office in Gdańsk – how to start cooperation?

Gdańsk this is one of the cities where it operates Open Profit accounting office. We serve enterprises from all over Poland - this is possible thanks to the service provided remotely in 100%. contact usto start cooperation. First, we will arrange a short meeting online meeting, during which we will determine your needs. The next step is signing a contract in electronic form or by purchasing a subscription and granting us powers of attorney. After completing the necessary formalities, you will meet your Guardian who will deal with your company's accounting and answer questions. If what you are looking for is remote accounting office in Gdańsk, Open Profit is the answer to your needs. We ensure a minimum of formalities, simplicity of cooperation and full transparency. We are waiting for you!

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