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On our website, we use cookies and other similar technologies, thanks to which information about the use of the website is collected and processed. We want to present you our rules for the use of cookies and similar technologies. Here you will find information on how the above works. files and technologies.

All information contained herein is focused solely on cookies and similar technologies, i.e.:

  • what cookies and similar technologies are used on the website,
  • what information is collected,
  • how and for what purposes this information is processed,
  • who has access to this information and to whom it is sent,
  • how to change the rules of operation of cookies and similar technologies on the device.

Cookies and similar technologies are usually not used to collect information about a specific, identifiable person. In some cases, however, the information they obtain may constitute personal data. If you are interested in other information regarding the processing of your personal data, please visit our website Privacy Policy.


Cookie files (i.e. so-called "cookies") are IT data, in particular small text files, which are placed and stored on the device from which the user uses our website. Thanks to them, using the website is easier and more affordable. In addition to cookies, our website may also use other technologies to obtain information contained on the device, such as tracking pixels and local storage.

Cookies or similar technologies do not adversely affect the operation of the device on which they are placed. Due to their use, there are no changes in the configuration of the device or in the software that is installed on the device.


Cookies collect information about the device and browser through which you connect to our website. Each file contains its unique number, the name of the website (domain) it comes from, and the time for which it is stored on the device by default.

Information that can be collected and processed by cookies and other technologies also includes:

  • device information: IP address, operating system, device model/type, unique device identifiers, MAC address, operating system version and device settings, language, screen resolution, browser version and type;
  • information on how the website is used: time of use, last visit, length of visit, type of pages and subpages visited, address of the visited page (URL), completed forms, recently viewed subpages, activities on the website in which the user participated;
  • location data: IP address, location data obtained using various positioning technologies - e.g. GPS, Wi-Fi access points (after consent to location);
  • other data: source of entry to the website, links clicked by the user, number of clicks, which advertisements were presented to the user.


We use session and permanent cookies. Session files are active, i.e. they collect and store information only for the period when you connect to our website. Persistent files, on the other hand, are active for a period of time that is predetermined for a given file.

The different cookies used on this website have different functions. In this respect, we divide them into:

  1. Necessary (technical) - they enable the operation of necessary functions, such as logging in, setting privacy preferences or ensuring security (correct user authentication). Without them, our website cannot function properly.
  2. Analytical – they enable the collection of information on how often the website is visited and how users use it. They allow us to improve the content and performance of the website. We use analytical solutions of external partners who, through cookies and similar analytical technologies, gain access to the above. information and may also use it for their own purposes. All this information is aggregated, so that users remain anonymous.
  3. Marketing - they allow displaying advertisements tailored to the user of our website and his preferences and interests as well as visited websites. These files can be used to create advertising profiles of users and avoid the presentation of random advertisements and those that do not match the user's preferences, as well as the presentation of the same advertisement many times. They also allow you to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. For the purposes of marketing activities, we use the solutions of external partners who, through cookies and similar marketing technologies, gain access to the above. information and may also use it for their own purposes.

Individual cookies used on this website may be own files (we place and use them as the website owner) or external files (we place and use them through this website - our partners - these are the so-called cookies. third-party cookies). External files allow tools and functions provided to us by external entities to function on our website. Through these files, third-party providers may obtain information about your use of our website, as well as other websites with which these providers cooperate.

Information obtained through cookies and similar technologies may be disclosed depending on the specific file/technology: service providers related to the administration of our website, data analysis solution providers, online marketing service providers, social media platforms, payment service providers .

Some subpages may contain so-called "web beacons", which allow us to assess the effectiveness of our advertisements by collecting information such as, for example, the IP address of the device on which the page on which the "web beacon" was uploaded was loaded, page URL number, page load time, browser type, also information contained in cookies.


In the tables below you will find detailed information on which cookies are used on our website, whether they are our cookies or whether they come from external suppliers and if so - from which ones, and what is the period of activity of individual files.


cookie nameIninternal or external?Who is the provider of the file?Who can access the data?File activity period
_GRECAPTCHAexternalgoogle.comGoogle180 days
CookieConsentownopenprofit.plOpen Profit1 year, Open Profitsession


cookie nameIninternal or external?Who is the provider of the file?Who can access the data?File activity period
_gaownopenprofit.plOpen Profit, Google Analytics2 years
_ga_#ownopenprofit.plOpen Profit, Google Analytics2 years
_specownopenprofit.plOpen Profit, Google Analytics1 Day
_gidownopenprofit.plOpen Profit, Google Analytics1 Day
collectexternalgoogle-analytics.comOpen Profit, Google Analyticssession
etcexternalgoogletagmanager.comOpen Profit, Google Tag Managersession
_uetvidownopenprofit.plOpen Profit, Microsoft390 days
_uetvid_expexternalbing.comOpen Profit, Microsoftconstant
_uetsidownopenprofit.plOpen Profit, Microsoft1 Day
_uetsid_expexternalbing.comOpen Profit, Microsoftconstant


cookie nameIninternal or external?Who is the provider of the file?Who can access the data?File activity period
MSPTCexternalbing.comOpen Profit, Microsoft1 year
MUIDexternalbing.comOpen Profit, Microsoft1 year


The basis for the use of cookies and similar technologies is the legitimate interest of the website owner (in the case of necessary/technical cookies) or the user's consent (in the case of other cookies and similar technologies).

The user may independently and at any time withdraw his consent or express his objection to the use of cookies and similar technologies on his device. For this purpose, the user can call cookie settings panel, completely delete the cookies that have been previously stored on his device via our website, and can also change the settings for storing cookies using a web browser or using the service configuration (e.g. using the "opt-out" functions listed below at our partners).

Browser settings regarding the operation of cookies and other similar technologies can be changed in particular in such a way as to completely block the operation of cookies or inform about each time cookies are placed on the user's device. You can also set your browser so that it only accepts certain types of cookies or similar technologies. The user can also set his browser in such a way that it accepts or blocks cookies only from selected websites.

However, some cookies are necessary for the website to function properly or make it more convenient to use. Removing or disabling some cookies may therefore prevent the use of certain functions on the website or significantly reduce the quality of its use.

Instructions for changing the settings of popular browsers can be found on the following websites:

  1. Internet Explorer:
  2. Mozilla Firefox:
  3. Google Chrome:
  4. Opera:
  5. Safari:
  6. Adobe (flash cookies):


On our website, we use the services and tools of third-party providers, which include, among others: tools for analytics and advertising activities (interest-based advertising, remarketing, measuring the results of advertising activities), including in social media.


Google Analytics

We use Google Analitycs, with the help of which anonymous information about visits to our website is collected, e.g. subpages that users have viewed, time spent on the website, transitions between subpages. Thanks to this information, anonymous statistics on the functioning of our website are created and it is possible to analyze the activity of users on our website in order to best adapt our offer and website to the needs of users and recipients.

Google TagManager

We use Google Tag Manager to help us tag tracking and collect analytics on websites.


Details about Google's services and privacy protection can be found at

Users can opt out of Google's personalized ads in Ad Settings. Users can also opt out of the use of third-party cookies to serve personalized ads. Just go to the website

Users can also opt out of using the Google tool on their device using Opt-out 

Data processing outside the EEA

Due to the use of cookies and other technologies of external suppliers on our website, some information obtained by these files may be transferred outside the European Economic Area. If information could be transferred outside the European Economic Area, it will be done only as part of the procedures required by the provisions on the protection of personal data, i.e.:

  1. to such countries for which the European Commission has issued a decision stating that they provide an adequate level of protection, or
  2. in the absence of the above decision - after ensuring appropriate safeguards, and provided that there are enforceable rights of data subjects and effective legal protection measures, e.g. on the basis of concluding with the entity to which the data is to be transferred standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission, equipped with additional security measures - if necessary.

Detailed information on the security measures applied can be obtained by contacting the administrator using the contact details provided in our Privacy Policy.