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HR and payroll

We offer our clients comprehensive HR and payroll services. We monitor changes in labor law as well as social insurance.

Thanks to this, they can confidently entrust us with supervision over HR matters and calculation of remuneration in the company, as well as over the legal and administrative side of concluding contracts with employees. Within this group of services, we can distinguish four main ones:

HR and payroll services
  • advice on choosing the form of employment of a co-worker

  • ready-made contract templates

  • keeping electronic personal files

  • payroll calculation

  • preparation of payrolls

  • sending the PIT declaration

  • sending ZUS declarations

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are HR and payroll services?

    HR and payroll services include performing duties related to, among others: with calculating remuneration, preparing payrolls and personal files of employees, keeping holiday records, preparing and settling PIT and ZUS declarations, and preparing and settling civil law contracts. You can outsource all of these HR services to an external company that will handle your business.

  • What are the forms of employee employment?

    There are several forms of employee employment, and the most popular ones include an employment contract, a contract for specific work and a mandate contract. The choice of the optimal form of employment depends on many factors, so as part of the HR service, you can count on analyzing your needs and recommending the form of employee employment that is the most profitable for your business.

  • Where to get ready-made contract templates?

    Civil law contract templates can be found for free on the Internet, but people without specialized education may have problems verifying their correctness. Before handing over the contract to the employee, it is worth contacting us for an opinion - we will check whether the document complies with current regulations and whether it contains any prohibited (abusive) clauses. We can also prepare a template of any civil law contract in accordance with the Labor Code.

  • What insurance contributions does the entrepreneur pay to ZUS?

    An entrepreneur must settle and pay social security contributions: pension, disability and accident insurance are mandatory, while sickness insurance is voluntary. In addition, the entrepreneur also pays contributions to health insurance, the Labor Fund (FP) and the Solidarity Fund (FS). People who are just starting a business or have little income can benefit from reliefs that lower ZUS contributions.

  • I employ workers. What can you advise me on?

    At Open Profit, we serve both sole proprietorships and small enterprises that employ employees. As part of our consulting services, we provide, among others: support in hiring employees and giving opinions on civil law contracts. We will help you choose the form of employment of an employee, provide an opinion on a contract template or provide a ready-made template that you can use when running your business. We can also handle accounting, HR and payroll services for your company as well as contacts with the Social Insurance Institution and tax authorities.

We offer our clients comprehensive HR and payroll services for their companies. We monitor changes in labor law and social security regulations.

Our clients can confidently entrust us with full supervision over HR matters and calculation of remuneration in enterprises as well as the legal and administrative side of concluding contracts with employees. HR and payroll services include, among others:

  • advice on choosing the form of employment of an employee,
  • ready-made contract templates,
  • keeping electronic personal files,
  • payroll calculation,
  • preparation of payrolls,
  • sending PIT declarations,
  • sending ZUS declarations.

Our experience in HR and payroll services as well as the high level of organization and information flow mean that the obligations of our clients in this respect are limited only to accepting salary transfers.

We provide our services both for clients employing one employee, as well as for companies with the status of temporary employment agencies.

What do you gain by choosing HR and payroll outsourcing?

  • Financial savings - you don't have to organize an HR/payroll department in your company. HR and payroll services for a company is a responsible task that requires specialist knowledge and experience. Even if you only have a few employees, you need people to do it. A full-time specialist costs several thousand zlotys a month, plus the purchase of equipment and programs. When you decide to outsource HR and payroll, you spend a fraction of that sum.
  • Gigantic time savings - which you invest in the development of the company or yourself. Is HR and payroll service one of your responsibilities? As an entrepreneur, you have enough tasks and challenges - it's better to spend your time and energy on the development of the company or a well-earned rest than on keeping records of working time, calculating salaries, issuing work certificates and tracking changes in the field of health insurance and employment law.

HR services for companies

HR and payroll services

  • Confidence, peace of mind, a sense of security - because you entrust staff and payroll to specialists. Knowledge of the regulations, their correct interpretation or adaptation of company procedures to them is no longer your responsibility, but the responsibility of the company providing HR and payroll outsourcing. At Open Profit, we have a policy for over a million zlotys: you are not responsible for any errors of our employees. We contact the tax office.
  • A head free from the ongoing monitoring of changes in labor law, taxes and insurance. You do not need to know the law, insurance and taxes - your domain is business, industry activity and company development. HR and payroll services entrusted to an external company take away from you the need to constantly monitor the legislative kaleidoscope as well as stress and frustration related to the vagueness of the new regulations being introduced.


  • Maximum convenience - payroll and accounting in one company. When you decide to cooperate with our company, you will entrust us with all your obligations and formalities related to running a company. It is a comprehensive payroll and human resources service, accounting and consulting in running a business. We cooperate with tax advisors and law firms. The scope of your work will include delivering documents and accepting transfers - and you will spend a few minutes on all this without leaving your home or office.
  • You keep your finger on the pulse: you have HR and payroll matters under full control. HR and payroll services for companies in Open Profit will provide you with convenience and independence, but also full control of these processes. You have constant, fast and comfortable (because online) access to documents, and your individual Account Manager is at your disposal every day. All you have to do is contact him and he will provide you with substantive and practical support.

Corporate payroll services

What does comprehensive HR and payroll service include?

In Open Profit you gain flexibility a partner providing HR and payroll services tailored to your needs and preferencesbecause the scope of cooperation depends on you. We are also open to non-standard duties and assistance in many other aspects of running a business.

HR service, i.e. from hiring to saying goodbye to an employee

  • Advice on choosing the form of employment. The choice of the form of employment has a huge impact not only on the cost of living for the employee, but also on the nature of the work and the responsibility of the employer and the employed person. An employment contract is not always the only right choice.
  • Ready contract templates. A contract prepared in accordance with applicable regulations and comprehensively covering all aspects of employment or cooperation is your most important security. At Open Profit, we will provide you with ready-made, solid templates of civil law contracts and employment contracts.
  • Keeping personal files. 2023 is another year in which ecology and personal data protection are becoming more and more important. With Open Profit you achieve both of these goals. We focus on electronic documentation (employee e-files) and the latest solutions in the field of cyber security.
  • Preparation of work certificates. As an employer, you are obliged to issue and deliver an employment certificate to the departing employee: you will hand over the next formality to us. We are also happy to take care of any certificates, health and safety training or medical examinations.

Keeping personal files

Payroll service, i.e. calculating salaries and sending declarations

  • Payroll calculation. Bonuses, allowances, overtime pay, holiday allowances, per diems and business trips, plus health and social security contributions, often also PPK and group insurance or sports and cultural benefits - let us take care of this tangle of costs.
  • Settlement of dismissals and holidays. Even with a few employees, whether during the infection season or during the holidays, there is a lot of confusion. You can't afford a mistake - drop the paperwork and hand it over to us, and you and your employees will benefit from it.
  • Preparation of payroll documentation. By cooperating with us, you will remove all formalities such as preparing payrolls of employees or persons employed on the basis of civil law contracts as well as earnings certificates and income declarations.
  • Sending PIT and ZUS declarations. We take over the contact with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and the tax office - we prepare and deliver the necessary monthly ZUS declarations and annual PIT returns to the offices. In the event of a possible inspection or proceeding, we participate in the entire process.
  • Preparation of reports and summaries. We want our clients to act dynamically, develop their businesses and multiply their income. Therefore, we will be happy to support you in analytical and organizational activities - by providing you with practical reports, summaries or reports related to costs.

Online HR and payroll service - how does it work?

We operate quickly, simply and transparently. contact us we will determine the scope of our cooperation, provide you with a contract and documents, give you access to tools and assign an individual Supervisor. All payroll and HR services are remote, online. You are in constant contact with your Supervisor, and you send us the necessary documents to your folder on the Dropbox platform.

We adapt to your needs - you can entrust us only with calculating salaries, and you can also keep personal files of employees and provide full HR services. We develop a price list based on the scope of cooperation, individually - for your benefit!

HR and payroll outsourcing

Convenient and cost-effective outsourcing: HR and payroll, accounting and consulting in one

Service payroll companies and HR services are a part of ours offers – in addition, we offer you accounting and consultancy in running a business. We take over all formalities and obligations related to running a company. You don't have to hire specialists or waste time and nerves on paperwork, dreaming about costly mistakes or rules that can't be solved (let alone applied!). You gain money, time and space to take care of your business. We are responsible for everything else. Feel free to contact us and cooperate!