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Company registration

Start a business with the assistance of specialists from Open Profit. No costs, without leaving home. Make arrangements online meeting at a time convenient for you.

As part of this service, Open Profit offers:

Help with company registration
  • online meeting / Microsoft Teams

  • selection of the appropriate form of activity

  • recognition of the optimal PIT income tax scenario

  • verification of the need to register for VAT

  • advice on the selection and notification to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

  • assistance in registering at

  • verification of the correctness of the entry

Frequently Asked Questions


  • I want to start a business, but I don't know where to start. Will you help?

    Bright! Our online accounting office not only provides services to existing companies, but also provides support at the stage of starting a business. We know that company registration raises many questions, which is why we offer assistance in choosing the form of business and taxation, reporting to ZUS, registering the company in CEIDG and verifying the correctness of the entry. And all this during an online meeting - without leaving your home!

  • Who does not need to be entered in the National Court Register (KRS)?

    The National Court Register, i.e. the National Court Register, is a database consisting of three registers: entrepreneurs, insolvent debtors and associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and public health care facilities. Individuals running sole proprietorships and partners in civil partnerships of natural persons do not have to apply for entry in the National Court Register.

  • Do I need a qualified signature to set up an online business?

    Not necessarily. You can submit the CEIDG application online using a wizard. Such an application must be submitted in person (not through an attorney) and signed - a qualified signature or a Trusted Profile is used for this purpose. If you do not have any of these tools, you can sign the application in person or by proxy at the office.

  • Can I run a business without registering with CEIDG?

    You can run your own business as an unregistered activity provided that certain criteria are met. You can conduct unregistered activity if you are a natural person, do not conduct business as part of a civil partnership and do not conduct regulated activity (requiring permits or licenses). This is a small gainful activity, therefore revenues from unregistered activities cannot in any month exceed the amount of the minimum wage applicable in a given year. Moreover, registration activities can only be performed by persons who have not run a business in the last 60 months.

  • How to set up a sole proprietorship?

    A sole proprietorship (JDG) requires registration in the Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity, i.e. CEIDG. The entry can be made online, at Before you do this, you must choose the company name, the form of income taxation and PKD codes, and check whether you have to pay VAT. JDG is the most popular business activity supported by Open Profit - during an online meeting we will help you register your company stress-free!

  • What is company registration?

    Registration of a commercial company requires the formulation of an agreement or statute, i.e. a document on the basis of which the company will operate. You can set up a general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company and simple joint-stock company online in the S24 system. If the partnership agreement was concluded in the S24 system, the business must be registered in the National Court Register in the same way. In the case of companies established in a traditional way, an application for entry into the National Court Register must be submitted via the Court Registers Portal. Register a company with Open Profit!

At Open Profit, we offer assistance in setting up a business. Notorious changes in regulations and changing tax requirements do not make it easier for new entrepreneurs to enter the market. People who want to set up a business encounter problems related to choosing the most favorable taxation or do not know whether their business profile is subject to VAT. Administrative activities for beginners can cause many difficulties, which is why at Open Profit we take care of the entire process when creating a company. We work for micro and small companies. In addition, our offer also includes other services, thanks to which your company's accounting will be kept accurately and in accordance with current regulations. These are:

Help in setting up a company

Help in setting up a business

Professional advice on setting up a company - Open Profit

In Open Profit we offer assistance to natural persons in setting up a business. This allows you to focus on other aspects related to starting and maintaining your own business. Starting a company and extensive accounting services are now available in one place - in Open Profit. We have been operating on the labor market for over 20 years and we cooperate with over 60 specialists who, thanks to their knowledge and experience, are perfectly familiar with the legal and tax intricacies regarding the establishment of a company and its subsequent operation.

Help in setting up a business - why Open Profit?

For novice entrepreneurs, comprehensive assistance in setting up a business is an important introductory step. Thanks to this, you will learn what information the tax office requires and how important the right choice of taxation is.s


Why is it worth starting cooperation with us when setting up a business?

  • Convenience

Thanks to us, you can complete all the necessary formalities that guarantee the legality of your business activity without leaving your home. The next stages will be taken care of by our specialists who will contact the necessary state administration bodies on your behalf. Starting a business with Open Profit will save you time, money and stress.s

  • Professionalism

Starting and running your own business is much easier if you can enlist the help of people who know the intricacies of accounting. You will find the support of an assigned expert with whom you are in constant contact. Thanks to this, you know exactly at what stage the whole process of setting up your company is.

  • Innovation

Thanks to the Dropbox application, you can send us invoices and other necessary documents on an ongoing basis. This not only speeds up accounting communication, but is also environmentally friendly. Starting a business has never been so easy.

  • Responsibility

As Open Profit, we take full responsibility for all accounting. When setting up a business, you know that it may involve a certain risk also regarding the correct settlements, e.g. with the tax office. We guarantee full security of each accounting process - we have a policy for one million zlotys, which guarantees our liability.

Help in setting up a business - online company registration

We also help with setting up your own company via the Internet. The service is addressed to people who have decided to start a sole proprietorship. Although it is the simplest legal form related to setting up a company, completing the application on the website of the Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity may involve some inaccuracies. Therefore, we offer full support in the subsequent stages of company registration via the Internet. Using the help of specialists, you will also set up a trusted profile on ePUAP or activate an electronic signature - it is necessary to set up a company without leaving home.

How does setting up a business on the CEIDG website look like?

  • Choosing the right application on the site;
  • Filling in the necessary fields:
    • company name,
    • company address,
    • PKD code,
    • permission,
    • form of taxation,
    • VAT,
    • records and accounting,
    • social Security contributions,
    • appointment of a proxy.

A properly completed application is verified and sent to the Central Statistical Office, the tax office competent for the place of residence, and then to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). Accepting the application is tantamount to starting a business.

Registration of business activity - choice of taxation

Our assistance in setting up a company is also based on advice on choosing the right and most advantageous method of taxation. At the moment, there are 4 ways of taxing business activity in Poland:

  • general tax, i.e. according to the tax scale 12% and 32%,
  • flat tax 19%,
  • lump sum on registered income,
  • tax card – this type of taxation is not available to entrepreneurs who are just starting their business activity from 2022. The tax card can only be selected by those who used this form of taxation in 2021.

It is worth knowing that the tax scale is the basic form of taxation of income from business activity in our country. In this way, if a specific type of income tax settlement is not selected, each of the novice entrepreneurs will be assigned to taxation under general rules.

Advice on setting up a business

Assistance in setting up a company - VAT

It is the duty of every entrepreneur to pay VAT. It is a fee charged at each stage of trade in goods and services. Therefore, each price that the entrepreneur proposes to the customer increases by the amount of VAT.

It is worth noting that VAT registration is required at least one day before the first transaction. How to do it? In this case, the entire process can also be arranged online, which does not mean that it does not cause some problems.

First of all - although VAT is obligatory for all entrepreneurs, there are certain formal conditions that mean that certain business activities are exempt from VAT. Then we are talking about any registration as an exempt taxpayer.

Secondly, in the case of providing services based on cooperation with other companies outside the country, within the European Union, it is also necessary to present this fact to the office. This is an important step that allows you to avoid paying VAT on foreign income and does not charge contractors from European Union countries with Polish VAT.

Moreover, there are situations in which the tax office may refuse registration. Each application undergoes thorough verification, which is why it is so important to complete it correctly. Also in this case, you can count on Open Profit specialists who will take care of all the necessary formalities related to VAT registration for you.

Cooperation with Open Profit - convenient online accounting

When you run your own business, there are big challenges waiting for you. To a large extent, these will be tasks that will translate into the development of the company. The first business is an event that can significantly change your life. Difficult decisions and risky actions are a sufficient dose of stress. Let us help!

Cooperation with Open Profit means professional and reliable accounting at your fingertips. What is the process like so that you no longer have to worry about your company's accounting? Contact us - send a message or call us - we will guide you through every stage of registration.

After creating an account on Open Profit and giving us the necessary powers of attorney, you will be contacted by the Account Manager. In the e-mail you will receive all the necessary information and instructions related to sending documents using Dropbox. From now on, you already have an accountant who is assigned to your company. You receive all declarations and settlements by e-mail or by phone. Thanks to this, you are always informed about the condition of your company on time.

Online business registration

Assistance in setting up a business - consulting at every stage of running a business

Our services are also based on professional advice. We will help you take important steps related to setting up and running a business. Thanks to the up-to-date knowledge of our advisors, you can make informed tax and billing decisions.

We want our clients to also understand the processes taking place in business accounting, because only thanks to this, the company has a chance for development and increasing profits. That is why you will receive comprehensive advice on the choice of the form of business activity, the form of taxation, as well as the employment and settlement of employees. We also offer advice related to other specialized inquiries.

In addition, in Open Profit you will find support in matters such as:

  • help and advice on taxes – we cooperate with tax advisors,
  • legal advice – we cooperate with law firms.