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Consulting services

Over a dozen years of experience in providing various services to enterprises has allowed us to accumulate knowledge that we willingly share with our clients. This knowledge applies not only to accounting and human resources and payroll, but also to the tax system and other aspects of running a business.

Our consulting includes:

Consulting services for companies
  • ongoing advice from your Caretaker

  • advice on choosing the form of activity

  • advice on choosing the best form of taxation

  • consultancy related to the employment of associates

  • other specialist advice

Over a dozen years of experience in providing various services to enterprises has allowed us to accumulate knowledge that we willingly share with our clients. It applies not only to accounting, human resources and payroll, but also to the tax system and many other aspects of running a business.

We offer, among others:

  • ongoing advice from your Caretaker,
  • advice on choosing the form of activity,
  • advice on choosing the best form of taxation,
  • consultancy related to the employment of employees,
  • other specialist advice.


  • we represent our clients before tax offices and the Social Insurance Institution,
  • we provide opinions on civil law contracts.

Help in legal and tax aspects of running a business = your peace of mind and safety

When running a business, you need to know many things. However, you are an entrepreneur, not an accountant, HR and lawyer all rolled into one. By delegating accounting, staff and payroll and using tax and legal assistance, you gain time and energy, peace of mind and a sense of security to develop your business and yourself - in Open Profit you have a reliable partner who will take care of the formal, administrative side of your business, as well as help with the legal and tax aspects of running it.

Are you just starting your business adventure? Do not waste valuable time thinking about the form of business and taxation - we will analyze them in terms of the specifics of the planned company and advise you on choosing the most advantageous one.

Tax advice for companies


Online tax advice

Consulting services for your company - get help without leaving your home or office

In Open Profit we provide assistance in tax and legal matters in a flexible and tailored form: as part of an online consultation. You do not waste valuable time and energy on commuting and meetings. How it's working?

You report a problem and ... a moment later you receive its solution. By working with us, you have at your disposal your own individual Account Manager who knows your companybecause he also deals with its accounting or HR and payroll services - and will help you in every matter. You just need to contact him. If you are not our client yet, just call or write - we will prepare an individual cooperation plan and provide professional advice.

Taxes - how can we help you?

  • Choosing the form of company taxation. We will analyze the specifics of the company or planned activity, revenues and income, tax deductible costs - and we will calculate in which variant the income tax will be the least burden for you.
  • Employee taxes. Choosing the form of employment of employees, full support in tax settlements and social security issues, as well as calculating salaries and settling holidays, dismissals, business trips: we will help in every matter.
  • Accounting outsourcing. The pillar of our company's offer are tax and payroll services as part of accounting. However, these are not only the processes of document registration or preparation of declarations required by the tax authorities and the Social Insurance Institution, but above all, a reliable and reliable source of data on the condition of the enterprise.
  • Other liabilities and tax services. We offer support in the field of not only income taxes, but also indirect taxes: VAT (including registration for VAT purposes), customs or excise duty and others, e.g. tax on civil law transactions and transfer pricing. This applies to consultancy, but also assistance in settlements or settlements in the field of company taxes.
  • Support during tax audits. Tax proceedings appear to entrepreneurs in their worst dreams. We will help you go through them, including as the company's representative in tax inspections and proceedings (hereinafter in the field of control of decisions or other administrative provisions), but also prepare for them, e.g. through a tax audit.

Consulting in running a business - what can you count on?

  • Support with business registration. We will comprehensively help you set up and register a company, starting from choosing the form of business and comparing tax schemes and making this decision, and ending with entry to CEIDG and verification of the correctness of the application.
  • Support in hiring an employee. We will analyze the needs or specifics of your company and advise you on the choice of employment form in order to ensure tax benefits and security of your interests. We will also be happy to give you an opinion on a template contract or provide you with a ready-made one.
  • Opinions on civil law contracts. In addition to tax advice, entrepreneurs most often need support in the area of signed contracts - we will help you unravel incomprehensible provisions, assess the benefits and the aspect of protecting your interests and suggest what changes are worth introducing.

Help in tax matters

Consulting services for sole proprietorships

Consulting services and accounting and administrative services for the company

Assistance in tax and legal matters is only a small part of our services offers - in practice we will comprehensively take care of the entire administrative and accounting side of your company. You will entrust us with accounting, payroll and human resources of your enterprise. You will take care of the business, and we will complete all formalities and tax obligations. We contact the tax authorities and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). We also provide you with advice, knowledge and experience all the time in every legal aspect that you will face.

If you choose our accounting services, HR and payroll, as well as ongoing consultancy, you will only be left with every month send us invoices, pay taxes and contributions and accept payroll transfers for staff. Time, peace of mind, a sense of security and saving money - the profits multiply by themselves.

Help in tax matters - why Open Profit?

  • We have been operating since 2005. We have enormous experience, we are happy to share it and use it to help you develop your company and derive satisfactory profits from it. We have over 1,500 clients from various industries in our portfolio, we have passed over 600 positive inspections, our ranks are powered by dozens of great specialists.
  • Individual Guardian. We assign you an individual Caregiver who is at your disposal at all times. One person comprehensively deals with the service of your company, thanks to which he knows its specifics and your needs. You don't have to waste time each time presenting your problems and expectations. You can contact the Caregiver remotely, by phone or e-mail.
  • Convenient IT tools. We provide all company services as well as tax and legal advice remotely. Wherever you are, you can arrange the delivery of documents and receive notifications about the dates and amounts of taxes and contributions to be paid, etc. You get access to the company's Dropbox account and applications that facilitate the performance of duties.
  • Policy for over a million zlotys. By cooperating with us, you also give us your tax and fiscal responsibility. Therefore, we participate in tax, customs and tax audits and proceedings and in other proceedings, and we pay for any errors. We have a policy worth over a million zlotys. You gain peace and a sense of security, you act confidently.
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers. You don't have to take our word for it. Go to the "Customer Testimonials" tab: check why it is worth working with us and trusting us. Professionalism, transparency, simplicity, speed, openness and commitment - we have been working hard for these words for several years. See for yourself - we encourage you to talk about your needs and expectations without obligation.