Changes in law, new regulations or dynamic business development - all this may require modification of the information contained in the register. This is why recently more and more entrepreneurs have been paying attention to the need to update their company data at the tax office. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what the process of changing information at the tax office is, how to carry it out and what are the rules for completing the NIP-8 form.

Data update: tax office – what does it involve?

Changing the company's data at the tax office (or supplementing it during the first registration) is an action that requires the entrepreneur to understand and follow specific update notification procedures. The NIP-8 form is necessary to carry out this process. This document is intended for all entities subject to entry in the National Court Register (excluding the register of insolvent debtors), which allows for changes to the register of taxpayers.

The procedure for updating data at the tax office requires accuracy. Filling out the NIP-8 form must be accurate and consistent with reality, so that the data update process can run smoothly and without any obstacles. Please note that any errors may lead to unnecessary complications, such as having to fill out the form again or delays in the data update process. 

When completing the NIP-8 form, the entrepreneur must provide a number of information, such as the current address of the company's registered office, tax identification number (NIP), REGON number, as well as information about the company's legal representation.

Change of data at the tax office

Basic data and supplementary data: NIP-8 update

It is worth noting that the NIP-8 form is necessary not only when updating data, but also when registering a company. When registering a business in the National Court Register, basic data is provided that is sufficient to obtain a NIP and REGON number. They are also transferred to the Central Register of Entities and then to the Central Register of Contribution Payers. 

However, in order to complete the registration as a payer or taxpayer, it is necessary to provide additional data (identification application). The procedure is carried out using the NIP-8 form. This information is not only necessary for the tax office, but is also transferred via the IT system to the Central Statistical Office and to the Social Insurance Institution.

NIP-8 update – information needed to complete the form

The NIP-8 form must include information such as:

  • shortened company name,
  • list of bank accounts,
  • addresses of places of business,
  • contact details,
  • details of the person keeping the accounting records,
  • in the case of partnerships, data regarding individual partners, including their tax IDs,
  • address of the place where accounting documentation is stored,
  • expected number of employees,
  • the date on which the obligation to pay social security contributions arose,
  • PKD code regarding the predominant activity.

These are just some of the data that should be included in the application. Addresses of places of business and a list of bank accounts are only part of the information that the tax office transmits to subsequent authorities.

Change of data: tax office – how to do it quickly and effectively?

The NIP-8 form is a key document that must be correctly completed and submitted to the appropriate tax office. For the entire process to be effective and correct, you should read the information necessary to complete the form and prepare to submit your application in good time.

In this case, it is important to make sure where to look for the necessary information and in what documents you can find the data necessary to complete the NIP-8 form. Cooperation with an experienced accounting office provides convenience in this matter. Specialists will quickly prepare all company data and complete the update application accordingly. That's why, that regular updating of company data is important for maintaining proper communication with the tax office and maintaining the legality of the business, it is worth deciding to entrust this responsibility to professional accountants.

NIP-8 – how to fill it out?

How to complete NIP-8 (update)? The document is divided into 6 sections in which specific information should be included. What do the individual elements of the NIP-8 form contain and what should be included in them? Here are examples of the first 3 sections of NIP-8:

  • section A – purpose and place of submitting the application;
  • section B – data of the submitter, including:
    • identification of;
    • information about identification numbers obtained in other countries (only for entities that have such numbers);
    • contact details (including post office box addresses);
    • addresses of places of business;
    • information about accounting documentation (including the address of the place where accounting documentation is stored);
  • section C – information regarding bank accounts, including:
    • bills related to your business;
    • an account for a tax refund or overpayment;
    • other accounts related to the business;
    • the appropriate account to transfer 1.5% of tax.

The remaining windows in the form include information about related entities, organizational form, attachments or details of persons authorized to represent the payer - of course, this applies to situations in which the conditions for such representation have been met.

How to complete the update NIP-8? Bank account

The most common change in supplementary data is the bank account number. Does such a change differ in the form of reporting? No, regardless of the type of update or information that the trader must include in the identification declaration, the procedure is the same. Even if the account number only changed or the company changed its registered office and moved to a different number on the same street, it is necessary to submit the NIP-8 form.

Change of NIP-8 data

NIP-8 update – deadline

When running a business, updating data in the NIP-8 form is necessary in the event of any change in information regarding the company. According to the regulations, these changes should be reported to the tax office no later than within 7 days from the date on which the change occurred. However, in the event of the company's entry in the National Court Register, the entrepreneur has 21 days from the date of registration to provide additional data. Failure to report changes in data may result in a financial penalty being imposed.

NIP-8 update: deadline exceeded - consequences

Changing data at the tax office is the responsibility of the contribution payer. If, contrary to this, he does not update his NIP-8 tax return within the deadline provided for in the Act, he may face consequences in the form of a fine for a fiscal offense. Pursuant to art. 81. § 1 of the Fiscal Penal Code a financial penalty (fine) may be imposed on such an entity in the amount of one tenth to even twenty times the minimum wage applicable in a given year, or a fine not exceeding five times the minimum wage.

It is worth remembering that not only untimely updating of data at the tax office is subject to a penalty, but also providing untrue or incomplete data. The decision to impose a fine is made by the court and, in the case of a fine, by an authorized tax official in the fine proceedings.

NIP-8 – how to send it electronically?

Sending the NIP-8 form electronically it is convenient and saves time. However, you must create an account on the state website and ensure that you use one of the acceptable forms of authentication. Currently, these types of official online services work very efficiently, so it is worth using these facilities also when dealing with other matters.

So how to submit NIP-8 electronically?

Just select the appropriate form on the Tax Portal of the Ministry of Finance and electronically fill out all the necessary windows in the document - just like in the case of the paper form. To approve the update, it is necessary to submit a qualified signature or authenticate with a trusted profile.


  1. What is the NIP-8 form?

The NIP-8 update form is a mandatory document that must be submitted by the entrepreneur after registering the company in the National Court Register and after making changes to the company's data.

  1. What is the deadline for submitting NIP-8?

In the case of updating data, the deadline for submitting the form is 7 days from making the changes. However, in a situation where the business entity has just been entered in the National Court Register and it is necessary to provide additional data, the deadline is 21 days from registration.