The Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG) is a register that every entrepreneur has heard about - it is with the entry in CEIDG that the existence of a sole proprietorship begins. In the central register of business activities, you can also suspend and resume your business and check the data of people running businesses in Poland. What is CEIDG for and what information can you find there?

What is CEIDG for?

Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity register of entrepreneurs running a sole proprietorship in Poland and partners of civil partnerships. The CEIDG register is available online, so you can set up a company, change entry data, suspend, resume or even close your business without leaving your home. However, the CEIDG register can be used not only by entrepreneurs and people planning to start a business, but also by anyone who wants to obtain information about Polish entrepreneurs.

What information is in CEIDG?

There are several basic options on the website - the main services are: company registration and change of data in CEIDG. You can therefore register a company at home and send the form electronically or sign it at the city or commune office.

There is also a link at the top of the portal company search engine, i.e. a database of all entrepreneurs running sole proprietorships in Poland and partners of civil partnerships registered in CEIDG. By selecting this option, you will be taken to a page where you can browse entries - to find an entrepreneur, you must provide: minimum 1 search criterion, e.g. NIP, REGON, KRS number, company name, name, surname, address or city. This way we can browse all companies registered in a given city or find a specific entrepreneur. We can also enter the city/province and the appropriate one PKD code (e.g. 86.23.Z – Dental practice) to find a specialist in our area.

As a result of the search we will get details, i.e all information about entrepreneurs made publicly available, among others 

  • place of business,
  • date of commencement of business activity, 
  • type of activity performed (PKD codes), 
  • civil partnerships whose partner is an entrepreneur, 
  • prohibitions,
  • information about concessions, licenses and permits,
  • bankruptcy information.

The central business activity register also allows you to check whether whether a given company is active on the labor market.

Can you run a business without an entry in CEIDG?

Registration of a company in CEIDG is not always required. It is also possible to drive unregistered activities, also known as unregistered or unregistered. This is a small gainful activity of natural persons, which can be conducted provided that the income is obtained in any month do not exceed 75% of the minimum wage

In 2024, the revenue limit for unregistered activities is: PLN 3,181.50 from January to June i PLN 3,225 from July.

Moreover, unregistered activities can only be conducted by persons who: during the last 5 years (60 months) did not conduct business activity. 

How to register a company in CEIDG?

You are obliged to register your company with CEIDG if you want to run a sole proprietorship in Poland and you do not qualify to set up an unregistered business. The application can be submitted by post or at the city or commune office, but more and more people decide to do so convenient online registration, which takes the least time.

During registration, you must provide the following information:

  • name, surname, parents' names, date and place of birth,
  • type, series and number of identity document (ID card, passport or mID),
  • PESEL (if you have Polish citizenship or it has been granted to you),
  • all citizenships held,
  • NIP and REGON numbers (if they have been assigned, if not, the form will also be an application for their assignment),
  • residential address and other addresses related to the established business,
  • name of the established business activity – it must include the name and surname of the entrepreneur,
  • short name of the activity,
  • PKD codes – adapted to the type of activity,
  • the number of employees you plan to employ,
  • Date of commencement of activities,
  • information about insurance in ZUS, KRUS or abroad,
  • details of the tax office competent for your place of residence.

Together with the application for entry into the CEIDG register, you can submit a declaration on the form of taxation or attach a VAT declaration. In the same form, you can also apply to ZUS, add your bank account number and provide your representative's details.

Do you need help registering your company?

Although you can register a business without leaving home, the form requires collecting a lot of information. How to name your company? What is the short name of the business? Which form of taxation should I choose? Where to get PKD codes? How many PKD codes can be entered? How to set a business start date? Can you run a business without an entry in CEIDG? These are just a few questions we receive from people planning to set up a sole proprietorship. If you need support, please contact us. Open Profit accounting office offers more than that accounting services, but also assistance in registering a company

During an online meeting:

  • we will help you choose the right form of business,
  • we will identify the optimal PIT income tax scenario, 
  • we will verify the need for VAT registration,
  • we will advise you on the choice of form of taxation,
  • we will help you submit an application to ZUS,
  • we will help you submit an online application to CEIDG,
  • We will check the correctness of the entry before sending the form.


How much does it cost to register a company in CEIDG?

Registration of a company in CEIDG is free of charge. It is worth remembering this, because newly registered entrepreneurs often receive letters from fraudsters impersonating CEIDG who demand payment for registration. Such letters should be ignored or reported to the police.

How can I submit an application for entry into CEIDG?

An application for entry into the CEIDG register can be submitted in three ways:

  • online registration at – requires logging in via using a trusted profile or e-ID and signing with a trusted, qualified or personal profile (at the office). You can also submit an online application via online banking. 
  • submitting an application to the office – this can be done by completing the application online and going to the office to sign; by completing the form at the office or by completing the printed application, signing it and submitting it to the office.
  • sending the application by post – the completed application can also be sent by registered mail. In this case, it must be signed by a notary.

Why check contractors in CEIDG?

Some entrepreneurs check potential contractors in the Central Registration and Information on Business. This is a good practice because in this way you can avoid starting cooperation with a fraudster, i.e. a person who does not run a legal business.