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Online accounting

Accounting is a difficult issue for most entrepreneurs. A huge number of deadlines, a lot of documents required by the current tax law and the correct title of transfers is something that is often associated with a lot of stress. The answer to the difficulties associated with completing all formalities with the tax office is online accounting – a solution that combines high comfort with full safety.

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It is not only registering documents, preparing declarations and reports for offices, it is also the best source of information on the current condition of the company.

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Open Profit online accounting services

How to start cooperation with us?

Using Open Profit online accounting is extremely simple, transparent and comfortable. All you need to do is sign a contract with us in the form of a subscription and provide us with the original power of attorney prepared by us in the next step. After analyzing the documents, we will assign you a dedicated Account Manager, and with it we will grant access to the company account on the Dropbox platform, as well as to the application, which generates personalized notifications about upcoming deadlines for ZUS contributions or transfers to the tax authority. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer and cooperation!

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Create an account with Open Profit

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You grant us powers of attorney

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You receive an e-mail from the Supervisor

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You add documents to Dropbox

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You have a Guardian at your fingertips

Internetowy przepływ dokumentów księgowych

We send declarations, you get information about taxes (email, phone)

Online accounting services

Why is online accounting so convenient? Since you don't waste time or money transferring documents, documents in electronic form will suffice. If necessary, you arrange a meeting with the Tutor online, you are in constant contact with him.

Entrepreneurs should focus on running a business, developing their own competences, and not on trying to comply with all formalities and obligations imposed on persons conducting business activity by Polish legislation. Keeping the accounts yourself or by an incompetent person may increase the risk of making mistakes, acting against the applicable and frequently changing regulations. Online accounting is a solution for people who want to keep up with the times and want to run their business efficiently and conveniently. It is not without reason that more and more customers use the services of the Open Profit accounting office - mainly due to the number of advantages of this convenient and modern service model.

Our strengths

Why Open Profit?

  • Księgowość online bez wychodzenia z domu


    You can arrange all matters online or by phone, without leaving your home.

  • Przydzielony księgowy


    Your matters are dealt with by an assigned guardian / accountant who remains in constant contact with you.

  • Elektroniczny obieg dokumentów księgowych


    Electronic document circulation instead of paper. You scan all documents and send them to your guardian using the Dropbox application.

  • Bezpieczeństwo obsługi księgowości online


    You sign the contract with Open Profit and we are responsible for the proper level of service and your satisfaction. We have an insurance policy for over PLN 1 million.

What do customers say about us?

  • Surat Sp. z o. o. would like to express its positive opinion on the cooperation with Open Profit Sp.J.. This company professionally and reliably supports us in the field of accounting as well as human resources and payroll. Quick to work and very nice staff. Great professionals.

    Margita Kaczmarek

    President of the Management Board of Surat Sp. z o. o

  • I recommend the Open Profit company, which, in addition to reliable daily accounting services, very efficiently provided the additional documentation of the company's periodic balance sheets required by my bank. Efficient, ongoing contact, punctuality and accuracy are the undoubted advantages of Open Profit.

    Jędrzej Czerep

    J.C. Consulting

  • I am constantly impressed by the professionalism and reliability of my supervisor, as well as the friendly atmosphere that invariably accompanies our long-term cooperation. I would highly recommend!

    Daniel Chrominski

    Member of the board of Dantom sp. z o. o

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Online accounting services

The most important advantages

  • Oszczędność czasu z księgowością online

    Big time saving

    Our online accounting office has extensive experience in online accounting, which we can use to quickly settle accounts with various offices. For you, this means saving time that you can use for further development.

  • Bezpieczne internetowe biuro rachunkowe

    Full security

    Issuing invoices is simple, unfortunately, settling accounts with various offices is difficult to include in such tasks. It's easy to make a mistake, and it's very easy to get an expensive ticket. Our online accounting office is run by the best specialists in the industry. Thanks to this, you will meet every deadline.

  • Zalety współpracy z biurem rachunkowym

    Staying up to date

    The great advantage of working with Open Profit is the ability to be up to date with all future changes in tax law. Tax declarations are only seemingly always filled out in the same way - in fact it is quite the opposite, because changes can completely turn the form of online accounting upside down. We are always up to date with them, so nothing escapes our attention.