Company registration

In order to start a business, you must specify the form in which it will be conducted, and then perform a number of administrative activities one by one.

As part of this service, Open Profit offers:

  • online meeting / Microsoft Teams

  • selection of the appropriate form of activity

  • recognition of the optimal PIT income tax scenario

  • verification of the need to register for VAT

  • advice on the selection and notification to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

  • assistance in registering at

  • verification of the correctness of the entry

Registering a company often causes a lot of problems for entrepreneurs. It is not only a problem of proper completion of documents, but also of the coordination of the process. Despite the declarations of successive governments, this process is not clear and easy.

That is why Open Profit offers its help and assistance in carrying out the entire process of setting up a company.

In the case of clients who decide to start accounting cooperation with Open Profit, we conduct most of these activities for free.